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Amber Walker

Amber is the co-founder, creative director, and artist at LetterWood, a stationery and lifestyle studio nestled in a quiet lakeside cottage in northern Indiana. Born in upstate New York, she later attended school at Purdue University where she studied biology with a minor in art and design. After years of working in educational and corporate fields, she returned to her creative roots, developing a brand that joyfully impacts those around her.

The fresh personality of Amber's artwork has evolved in her imagination while kayaking on sparkling rivers and hiking remote mountains. Creative inspiration comes from her love of outdoor exploration, old field guides, and sketchbooks filled with ideas. From the woodlands of the Midwest, to grand mountains and national parks, to shorelines and coral reefs, the spirit of natural settings shine through in Amber’s artwork.

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Beth Albert

My given name is Mary Beth. My designs are created by putting together different elements & styles. I use some original paintings of mine, scanned objects, vintage graphics & digitally created images to make a design. I prefer the folk art look, handmade, repurposed, naive & unique. I am always looking for the beauty in things that are simple, discarded & forgotten. I think that describes my style. 

My love of making things has always been a part of me. Making things & making do with old things has always been a way of life. As a child my mom & aunts were always painting old furniture & redecorating. They splashed on new color, new fabric & new life. They used antiques in new ways to create a fresh looks. My grandmother lived on a farm and was a school teacher. She created a sparkling beautiful home with simple old elements & lots of hard work. She made do. I learned to make my surroundings pleasing & unique using things I could throw together. A love of old things was born in me! 

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Deborah Bown

I am a self taught graphic artist, concentrating in French Vintage, Rustic Farmhouse and Farm Style Graphics.

I live in the beautiful, sunny country of Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have enjoyed sketching and creating crafts since I was a child , a talent I believe I inherited from my grandfather who could bake and decorate cakes, design and build antique furniture to oil painting and handbag making.

The most rewarding part in designing and offering my digital images is meeting the needs of happy customers and helping my clients to create physical items to suit their needs makes me happy.

After working in the insurance field most of my adult life, I discovered the world of graphic design and I was hooked, so 6 years later Im so proud to offer my digital artwork which has become so much a part of my life.

For me,  it’s one of the most beautiful ways to express myself.


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Daniel Burt

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Michelle Calkins

In my work I emphasize quality, integrity and spontaneity. Since childhood I have found solace in the creation of art. It is my gift and I try not to waste it. My influences are Edward Hopper, Andy Goldsworthy, ants, snails, and people who paint things on the head of a pin. I am especially impressed with artists who create impermanent art, like sand painters or a musician who creates a unique piece of art each time he sings a song. It exists for that moment and then it is gone again. My media of choice are oil painting, sculpture and photography. For me, the three disciplines borrow from each other making each one stronger!

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Mary Campagna

Using only natural sunlight, I capture moments of life through my lens after which I edit to render a more graceful appearance. My objective as an artist is to bring a sense of Peace, Calm & Beauty to the viewer. 

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Brien Cole

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Heather Craig

H.M.Craig (aka Poppy Kingfisher) is an American born artist raised in bucolic upstate New York. She has won multiple awards over her career and has shown her work across the country as well as in Europe.

After receiving her Fine Arts degree from Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Heather lived in Germany's wine country for four years as an Air Force member. This afforded her the spectacular opportunity to see some of Europe's cultural treasures and explore the beautiful land.

She currently lives and works in an old New England farmhouse on the outskirts of Boston. Her spare time is filled with gardening, swimming in Thoreau's pristine Walden Pond, cycling, and baking.

"My work is about moments that I have had. Happy times, quiet contemplations, and simple pleasures in life are all rendered with paint. I think I've been blessed to be able to recognize these occasions, and it makes me happy when the viewer finds the same joy that I have found."

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Debbie DeWitt

Debbie’s work has evolved as a result of her graphic design training combined with her love of painting and drawing. As a child, she always enjoyed artwork and was in constant need of art supplies. She studied classical painting and drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There she began a love affair with oil paints. Debbie loves the smell and the way they move around the canvas. She also works in pencil, pastels and acrylics.

She studied fine arts at Parsons School of Design in New York City. She changed her course to graphic design believing the digital skills she would acquire would help her career, while her fine arts knowledge would enhance her graphic work.

She painted solely in oils but quickly realized the benefit of fast drying acrylics. At the same time, the shabby chic decor movement was in full swing. She began experimenting with acrylics on plywood. Debbie loves the way the plywood responds to the acrylic paint and the texture of the wood is revealed. It also lends itself well to the vintage and aged looks that are desirable now. She loves texture in her work and uses mediums on canvas as well to create the same dramatic affect.

Debbie began working for AD-Lines, Eurogroup in 2004 and quickly started having success. Her "Words to Live By" series was picked up by a number of large retailers, including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Homegoods, and Linens & Things and broke many publishing records.

Debbie also creates faux paintings and murals for private homes and businesses. She has been able to bring many of those techniques to her work for the home decor market.

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Dallas Drotz

Drawing his inspiration from scripture and nature, Dallas's prints and canvas mounts explore new creative possibilities in faith-based art. For the past seven years, Dallas has been creating modern interpretations of classic themes, as well as new and original concepts. Each is custom-tailored to its final position in home or office. Dallas is progressing toward large oversized pieces for churches, businesses, and modern room settings, bridging more abstract styles with scripture. He resides with his wife and daughters in Texas.

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Brandi Fitzgerald

Philadelphia based multi-media artist, lifestyle & journalistic photographer, and life lover. Specializing in custom collections, photography and typography for licensing and publishing. 

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Laurie Furnell

Laurie is a self-taught artist that comes from a creative family. Her parents always seemed to have some sort of craft or art project in the works. Her favorite thing as a child was a new box of 128 crayons and a stack of clean white paper.  She loved to draw and create from an early age. Her favorite mediums now are watercolor and color pencils. She has taken a variety of art classes at the local college and loves to learn new ways create her art.

She loves colorful, whimsical design and this is reflected in much of her artwork. Her tag line is “Art that will make you smile” and tries, each day, to bring a little smile to the people around her.

She has designed for the arts and craft industry for over 20 years. She was also the art director and designer for a giftware manufacture before that. She is now a freelance artist. Her artwork has been licensed as greeting cards, garden flags, holiday décor and more by several major manufactures and can be found in retailers around the country.


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David Lloyd Glover

David Lloyd Glover has a 25-year international reputation exhibiting in major galleries in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. At the age of 18 he was a full-time newspaper and magazine illustrator. For his many galleries, Glover has created images ranging from Impressionist landscapes to Iconic pop art images of Jazz artists and Rock stars. Glover has been featured on Barry Chappell's Art and Coin TV, channel 223 DirectTV.

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Thomas Gress

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Sheri Hart

Sheri Hart is a self-taught artist and illustrator inspired by all things nature. Working in the traditional mediums of watercolor, graphite, and acrylics, her subjects include animal, floral, portraiture, and seasonal designs. Many of her original pieces have been collected and displayed by followers of her work nationwide. She owns a cozy studio in Arkansas. Her work has been licensed & published nationally since 2009. She has received many awards for her work. Not only are her prints and paintings sold across the United States, but her work can be seen in the historical murals in her local community, Van Buren, Arkansas. Sheri is also a member of local clubs and guilds to preserve & promote art in the community.

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Gayla Hodson

Painting is as essential for me as air and water. As long as I can remember I have been driven to create. It is a fundamental way I can inwardly express my feelings, connect with myself on a deeper level and nourish my soul. Color is the essence of my work; it evokes powerful feelings within me. Creating is my way of connecting with people in a positive way. My environment has always influenced me but my intuition is my guide.

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Jessica Jenney

Jessica Jenney photographs the natural world with an emphasis on intimate landscapes with a romantic flair.

The idyllic beauty of Jessica Jenney's ethereal images transcends time and place. Jessica's painterly treatment of her photographs creates tranquil and bucolic scenes reminiscent of the Romantic era painters.

Her unified vision remains constant throughout her works through its implication of a Romantic perspective built upon the capture of bold to subtle textures, grand movements, dramatic viewpoints and perspectives and through the use of rich contrast. Jessica has a sensitive eye to detail, helping her to compellingly and successfully capture the soul and heart of the human-made as well as the natural world.


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Daniel Kessler

“There is something very appealing about an artist who strikes a harmonic chord so effortlessly. Whether it’s a small landscape of turreted red brick houses on Capitol Hill, an abstract rendering of geometric figures that look like the doodles of an engineer, or the engaging innocence of a stylized red dog, Dan Kessler’s paintings seem to have that effect. They make a direct appeal to the viewer’s innermost sensibilities." Doug Greenwood, art reviewer, Europe magazine."


Dan Kessler’s artistic roots became solidified in Catholic grammar school, where nuns gave him holy cards. These ornate depictions of religious scenes caught his eye and fired his imagination. However, his first experience with art actually began right in his very own childhood home in Bowie, Maryland where his mother, also an accomplished artist, served as a major source of inspiration for Kessler. It was these influences from a very young age that defined art as Kessler’s calling.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Maryland, Kessler worked for several years in graphic arts and architectural design before turning to painting full time in 1991, and he has never looked back.

Today, Kessler is most readily recognized by his animal paintings. Distinctive in their whimsical style, they are a charmingly unique rendition of folk art and bright rich colors that capture the imagination and draw the viewer in. He is also well-known for his architectural pieces, including five commissioned Presidential commemorative paintings of the White House and a folk art painting of the White House used by the President and First Lady for a 1996 Christmas card.

Kessler’s work can be found in corporate and private collections internationally, and his reproductions are available worldwide.


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Jennifer Lommers

Since coming back to the world of art, I have found more joy in my surroundings and in my life. I favor bright colors, lively shapes and lines, with an attention to the whole space of the canvas. I layer my paintings with color and texture as I play with the paint, color, and composition. Landscapes and flowers provide a fitting subject as they naturally provide the range of colors, shapes and patterns I enjoy most. Everywhere I travel I am looking at my surroundings with a painting in mind. I note color combinations and compositions to bring back to my canvas. I love painting from sketches and from memory to create a flatter abstracted image which brings more of myself into the piece. My paintings are always an expression of me, and how I see my world. I hope you enjoy their whimsical fun and vibrancy!

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Lauren Maurer artist, a dancer, and a lover of vintage dresses......
Lauren Maurer's signature style mixes charcoal, watercolors, acrylic, and ink on a variety of surfaces.

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Flo Minton

Having received no formal training in photography, I have developed my skills primarily through an abundance of passion, curiosity, research, hands-on experience and LOTS of trial and error. For my artwork, I use minimal 'traditional' photo hardware, save for a small Lumix LX-5 point-and-shoot camera, an occasional tripod and a few macro filters. I try to keep my setup for capturing the basic images very simple and do the bulk of the creative work in the digital darkroom. My goal has always been to show myself and those that view my work that you dont need a lot a fancy, expensive photo equipment to create a memorable image. Although this approach is sometimes frowned upon by the more 'traditional' photographers as not being 'true' photography, I am less concerned with what other call my work than seeing my vision through from lens to final image using all of the tools at my disposal - hardware and software.

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Penelope Moore

Penelope's paintings are a reflection of her passion for food, wine and joie de vivre. They are contemporary in style with an emphasis on color, mood and light. Through her subject matter, Penelope portrays a unique twist on life’s simple pleasures.

Penelope's exhibits her work at wineries throughout Sonoma and Napa Valley. Her paintings are in the permanent collections of the Staglin Family, Ehlers Estate, Benziger Family, Eric Ross Winery, Malibu Family Winery, Thomas Arvid, Robin Quivers and Danielle Steele.

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John Nolan

John Nolan's exuberant style combines bold outlines with bright exotic colours. His interpretation of various motifs transmits a positive upbeat feeling to his viewers.

The celebration of colour and form, has preoccupied him from an early age and was nurtured through the encouragement and instruction received from his father who was an artist himself.

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Alison Orth

Alison is a wife and mother of 4 kids who is just re-entering the world after years of staying at home with her kids.  She lives in Indiana and has a BA in Graphic Design, but technology has passed her by and now only her design skill remain!  Her artwork of handpainted, freehand lettering began as a way to come up with inexpensive presents for many weddings, birthdays and end of the year teacher gifts and has evolved into a go to stop for others for gifts and house decor of all kinds.  She draws her inspiration from Bible verses, songs, and cultural sayings; and finding an old piece of dirty barnwood is the holy grail!  Her unique style of freehand script and printing is a nice escape from digital fonts.

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Sean Parnell

Born, schooled, married, worked, divorced, found self, now living a wonderfully modest life with my awesome new bride. I paint and draw a lot too.

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Michael Petrizzo

Michael Petrizzo has been a mixed media artist and photographer for almost 30 years. His works hang in homes and offices coast to coast, in Europe and New Zealand. He has placed second in several international competitions competing with over 20,000 other artists. He exhibits in art galleries on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Connecticut, and Scottsdale AZ. Michael is adept at the marriage of traditional photography and digital art techniques using the latest technology to create beautiful works of art. His style varies from straight photography to digital 'oil' paintings. Michael says, 'It is my view that if Ansel Adams were alive today, he would embrace today's technology to create his masterpieces.' In that vain, Michael loves to use any tool at his disposal to create something that evokes emotion through the viewing of 'eye candy.' He is also a portrait photographer who specializes in families, seniors, and children.

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Claudia Schöen

I'm a 34 year old Graphic Designer and I live in Cologne, Germany make collage Art at home.

My work is colorful with whimsical designs which often include uplifting vintage images, papers and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and playful.

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C. Marcus Stone

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Laura Sue


Laura Sue creates art that appeals to both men and women.

With a focus on earth driven colors fused with universal symbolic imagery, she consistently produces art that sells. Her art is seen on major television show interior sets, such as: HGTV ‘Selling New York’ and ABC’s ‘Better With You’ .


Her art has been published by Andrews McMeel in a 2014 calendar titled ‘Songs in the Library’, University of Notre Dame 2013 Literary Catalog Cover, Front cover of the ‘Yearning Feed’ by American poet, Manuel Paul Lopez.


Her work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Demetra Turner

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Rony Warner

Rony  is an artist based in Burton On Trent. He studied Art Foundation at North Staffordshire Plytechnic and received his BA Fine Art Hons (painting) at Liverpool John Moores University.

The initial use of the figure as the prime subject for Rony's artwork began from academic life drawing sessions at his local art college. Over time Rony has developed an interest in expressing the notion of figurative art in various styles & formats.

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Marilu Windvand

Marilu Windvand is a graduate of Brooklyn College, and holds a degree from the School of the Visual Arts. She has extensive knowledge and expertise from working in the recording industry as a VP of Pre-Production and album cover design for 25 years.  Marilu realized her true passion was in creating art, and now brings her fresh ideas and design to the Home Decor market where she offers a diversified line of trend and color driven artwork .  

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Kate Wyman

I have always enjoyed art and “creating.”  I am mainly a self-taught artist; but, I have taken workshops and classes by several accomplished artists here in Colorado, in Pennsylvania and in Virginia, and learning is an ongoing process that I enjoy.  I like working in watercolors because of their clean, fresh look.   Although I have lived in Colorado for most of my adult life, I grew up at the Jersey Shore and love painting seascapes and lighthouses, as well as other compositions.  


I am currently a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society, the Greater Castle Rock Artists Guild, the Park Hill Artists, the Roxborough Arts Council,  the Parker Artists Guild, and the Littleton Fine Arts Guild.  I have won several awards for my watercolors and my paintings are in private and corporate collections across the United States.


Gallery affiliations are with The Majestic Gallery in Idaho Springs,  The Roxborough Art Gallery in Roxborough, Grace Gallery in the Denver Arts District, and the Colorado Mountain Gallery in Georgetown, Colorado.  



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